a career in financial services

Founded in 1992, Allen Wong & Associates Insurance Agency Limited (AWA) has grown into one of Canada's most successful life insurance brokerage firms working with over 900 independent business partners on behalf of over 20,000 clients across Canada. Much of this success comes as a direct result of Allen Wong's personal approach to the business and his commitment to create a collaborative environment where independent advisors have access to the training, tools and support they need to build the business of their dreams.

A professional career in financial services offers a rare combination of freedom and fulfillment. It presents the opportunity to realize one's own business vision, and to create the quality of lifestyle and income you want. It is an excellent fit for individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit, solid work ethic and the desire to help others.

At AWA, we understand that success requires hard work and perseverance. And while this industry presents many opportunities, it also presents challenges. Our job is to help our advisors navigate this path because while they are in business for themselves, they are not alone. Our proven model for success provides excellent training and skills development, access to an ever evolving inventory of tools and resources, ongoing mentorship from seasoned professionals and administrative support that allows advisors to focus on growing their business.

And we know that our system works. At AWA you will find many independent business partners who have built very substantial professional practices and they credit their relationship with AWA as being a key factor in their success. As a result, they are experiencing the fulfillment that comes with helping people in truly meaningful ways, while enjoying a quality of freedom and lifestyle that many can only imagine.

If you feel this may be the right career for you, let us know. We can help you gather the information you need to explore your options.