unlimited income potential

The financial services industry offers individuals the opportunity to build a fulfilling and rewarding career but demands hard work and persistence to make it happen. Successful advisors must possess the internal fortitude and life experience to work through challenging stages of learning and growth. For those willing to persevere, compensation comes in several forms - self determination, fulfillment and unlimited income potential.

Unlimited income simply means that you have the financial security to make the choices that you want to make. For those who desire greater control, real freedom, job security and an improved quality of lifestyle, this industry has a great deal to offer.

At Allen Wong & Associates, we value each independent business partner's unique experience and style. We have worked with individuals from all walks of life and helped them build very significant professional practices, with very significant income. We also recognize and understand the uncertainty one might experience in making a career change. Our proven strategy of launching and developing new businesses is our foundation that enables advisors to transition to AWA with the confidence that they will be successful.