Allen Wong & Associates was built on the practice of teaching independent business partners how to build successful businesses. And this long history of investing in others continues today.

AWA has distinguished itself in the area of support by developing Partners In Action, a comprehensive training and educational program exclusively available to AWA's independent business partners.

Partners In Action offers a level of support that is unparalleled within the independent sector of financial service agencies and it is setting new standards for our industry. Our private web site guarantees access to any resource or piece of information that an advisor may need, any time of the day or night. And AWA staff work with a true open-door policy, meaning that they are available to help when they are needed most.

In addition to training and development, AWA offers full back office support to our independent business partners. This means that advisors spend their time working for their clients, not on back office administration. Our experienced administrative staff understands the specifics of our industry, each manufacturer, each product and the rules and regulations governing all of our business. They are an incredible and invaluable resource to our advisors and work with the goal of simplifying the numerous administrative processes involved.

We know that our success comes only as a result of helping our independent business partners achieve success.

Partners In Action offers: