job satisfaction

Experts regularly report that job satisfaction is a major factor in how an individual feels about their job or career. It comes as a result of seeing one's efforts materialize into something tangible and a career in financial services offers the opportunity to experience this fulfillment on several levels.

At Allen Wong & Associates, our independent business partners consistently report that the feeling they get from knowing they have helped someone is equal to or more important than the actual income they earn. This sentiment is so fitting as financial services is a business of building long-term relationships with individual clients. Successful advisors develop a deep understanding of their clients' lives - their aspirations and challenges - and become important members of their "family". Clients grow to trust and rely on their advisor, knowing that they have their best interest in mind at all times.

Job satisfaction and fulfillment also come as a result of seeing one's business grow. As one builds a base of clients and demonstrates superior service and care, new clients are often generated by referral and the cycle of growth begins. With our industry's compensation system involving both commission and renewal income, the tangible result of income grows annually allowing advisors to enjoy the benefit of today's effort for years to come.

For some, the most rewarding aspect of this business is the opportunity to invest in the success of others by coaching and mentoring new independent business partners. Based on Allen Wong's model of teaching and mentorship, our management team actively recruits and works with new team members who want to realize their own personal business vision.