professional career

A career in financial services is a full-time professional commitment most appealing to individuals who have an entrepreneurial spirit and who want to learn how to build a business. Most often, individuals bring their life experience and skills from other industries and put them to work in the service of others.

At Allen Wong & Associates, we feel that integrity is the key to building lasting relationships and therefore essential to our industry. Advisors must take the time to develop a professional, credible and knowledgeable approach so that they offer the most value and appropriate advice to their clients. Advisors who bring this sense of professionalism and integrity to their work find that their primary source of new clients becomes referrals - an ongoing testament to how they conduct themselves and the value they offer.

AWA has developed a highly professional environment where teamwork and collegiality are valued. Although each of our business partners is independent, we work to ensure that everyone feels that they belong as a valued member of our team.